Catalogo Industrial/ Presentación y Forma de Distribución de la publicación


CATALOGO INDUSTRIAL is a magazine style tabloid
Products & Services with a monthly free distribution throught the Argentine Republic.

The magazine is 100 % advertising and does not contain technical notes , which allows a quick reading without losing focus to the purpose for which it was created. The distribution is 12.000-15.000 issues per month and during two months reaches 20.000 companies due to the mailing-list which is divided into :

Receive every month in a personalized way reaching each of the persons in charge of different areas which demand the purchasing activity such as: Purchasing Dept. itself, Maintenance, Engineering, Production, Laboratory or Quality Control and all departments that form the structure of the company.

Receive in an alternated way because they have not the same size nor frequency of purchase of large companies.Likewise, in a personalized way, is received by the president or the person who can generate more use to it within the company.

Thus, for example, the March edition was sent to all large companies and a group of small and medium and the April edition was received again by the same large companies and another group of small and medium, thus reaching 20.000 companies every two months. As mentioned earlier the magazine is sent in a personalized way and for that we have a team specialized in research that daily updates our mailing list to assure that the people to whom you are sending the magazine are as indicated in each company.

If you are a businessman , you are invited to participate in Catalogo Industrial, through which you will appear to the Argentine market showing your products and/or services in order to attract and get potential customers.

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